Janna Terzi: “I drowned” by night mentality, my dad is fine

A rare reference to her father, but also to her decision to move away from the night, she made the when, on Wednesday morning (03.04.2024) she was found invited to the show “Morning in sight”. A lot has been heard about the health of the great Paschali Terzi and Janna Terzi wanted to put things in their place. “My dad is fine. Okay, we’ve got the classic 75 problems now, you know, the pressure, these. He’s young, he’s good,” he said when asked about her father, who’s retired from publicity years ago. Janna Terzi also spoke of her father’s habit of singing only with a wired microphone. “I have the impression that my father thinks the wired microphone has another musical performance in both his ears and the audience”. Speaking of her decision to give up everything to leave for America, Janna Terji explained why: “I lived nine years in America. Half my professional life lived there. I started from scratch, the moment he went to get very serious here for me with the night and the entertainment centers. I choked on the lifestyle of the night, I don’t get that attitude, at least in the kind I wanted to deal with. I was not willing to pay daily the cost it brings, especially the late night and the whole mentality. It’s not like I’ve been touched by something specific, the table or the flower. I felt a little alien. I grew up in a house that served at night, I just couldn’t serve it the way I had to.” For her serious health adventure, Janna Terzi said: “It has been three years since spinal cord surgery. It was very serious, it happened in the pandemic. I wasn’t going to share it, it was heavy with everything that was going on but it was hard for me to get out and say what happened. My health problem was rare, like a medical case. I accidentally discovered it on an MRI because my back hurt. That’s where the edge of the problem appeared. I had a second degree tumor. It wasn’t necessarily bad, I was lucky at that. Not innocent and completely though,” he said initially. He added: “I realized that you did not get out of such an operation, just as you were before, no matter what. You’re going out with something different about the quality of your life. I did a whole search until I found the right doctor. When you have a rare case, you have to find this surgeon who’s operating. I was in the clinic for three weeks and then you get out of there in a wheelchair. I had a thing from the waist down. I had no sense of the lower part of my body.”