Italgas received promotion from its investments in Greece in 2023 – What the financial results showed

Positive performance characterized the financial results of Italgas for 2023, as the Italian group had an increase and a boost from it in Greece. In particular, total revenues reached 1.77 billion euros, increased by 15.4%. Adapted operating profits were boosted 9.3% to 1.18 billion euros, while net profits were 11.1% to 439.6 million euros. Investments reached 906.5m euros internationally. Activities in Greece Note that Italgas recently proceeded to establish ONE AND ONE year, through the merger of ΘΕΣΣ and ΘΕΑ Ατττικά. New companies will be responsible for the development and management of natural gas networks in their areas of responsibility. The acquisition of the Infrastructure DEPA had preceded a year earlier. The gas companies controlled by Italgas in Greece last year contributed 967 million tonnes of gas through 599,000 active cash to consumers. Italgas now controls a 7,924 km long pipeline network in our country, which was reinforced last year by 433 km. Investments in Greece exceeded 106m euros in 2023, while the RAAEF decision to approve the company’s regulated income and WACC for the period until 2026 is positively appreciated. The Italian company’s objectives include the strengthening of the gas network in Greece and Italy, the expansion of new activities such as water supply and energy efficiency, as well as its modernisation. The management of the group described the contribution of Greek activities as very important and pledged to continue its efforts and investments on the domestic market.