It will hit you: See how old it is Eurydice

Eurydice is a woman of self-deprecating, which I don’t hesitate to tell the public the age of. In a recent well interview revealed how old she is while…
mentioned and how much has changed since the decade of the 90’s where we met her.
The Eurydice of the golden era of the 90’s with today, how much has changed? You can see the differences?
“I feel more mature, I press more firmly on my feet, I know what I want anymore. What when you were small we take it more personally, the reactions of the world, colleagues, the reviews of journalists that can bother us or tease us, years from now, when you know yourself too well and you’re stepping on your own feet, the filter all in a different way,” said the singer in an interview in Hai.
-You’re a woman who tells her age?
“Yes. I just got off the 48.In February”
– With your arrival in Greece, you faced difficulties or the road was easy, pink to you?
“I was lucky. It all happened relatively quickly, if and in 1990, while I was waiting for the release of the album, I was anxious and I felt that everything was too late. I still remember the first time I heard my song on the radio. I was in a taxi, I don’t remember which station was and as soon as I hear I yelled “I am!” Very touching. After you get used to it, but don’t stop fighting and trying because nothing is a given. No one can promise something and the backstabbing worthy of it’s like ghosts. If we’re working and we’re well-meaning, everything will be fine. In this life needs a smile and optimism.”