Israel: Three Severely Wounded After Knife Attack · Global Voices

Severely injured are three people after yesterday Sunday (31.03.2024) near Ashdot, in central, announced first aid service. “Knife attack was committed at Gan Yavne’s Friendly shopping mall,” said Jackie Heller, a spokesman for Majen David Adom of Israel (“Daid Red Shield”, or “Daid Red Star”, a service similar to the Red Cross). “Lawyers offered first aid to three people who were seriously injured,” who were then taken to a hospital, he added. Police confirmed that “terrorist”, using “two knives”, attacked and “stabbed three people” before being “neutralized” by municipal police officers. A police spokesman spoke to the French Agency about a “19-year-old” suspect of origin “from Hebron”, in the occupied West Bank, without confirming whether he was killed. BREAKING: Islamist terror attack in Gav Yavne in Israel. 3 young people are in serious condition after having been stopped. The attucker has been shot and killed — Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24) Several similar attacks have been recorded in Israel in recent days, amid the war between the Israeli army and the Palestinian Islamist Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip. This war had an unprecedented attack by Hamas’ military arm on southern areas of Israeli territory on October 7, in which more than 1,160 people died, in their majority civilians, according to an account of the French Agency based on official Israeli data. Israeli political-military leadership vowed to eliminate Hamas and in the military operations launched in the Gaza Strip have lost their lives as this stage at least 32,782 people, in their majority women and children, during the health ministry of the Palestinian Islamist movement.