Israel: EU calls for restraint after Israel hits Iranian Embassy in Damascus

“It attempts it everywhere in the Middle East in order for those who threaten to pay the price” the country’s defence minister after hitting against his embassy’s consular office in Damascus, but not directly referring to it. “We are currently in a war with many fronts, we see this proving every day, including the last few days,” Israeli Defence Minister Joav Galland told a parliamentary committee, while the blow to Iran’s embassy office has provoked reactions. “We try everywhere, every day, to prevent our enemies from gaining power and to make it clear to all those who threaten us – everywhere in the Middle East – that the price for this action will be great.” Meanwhile, the account of the wounds reportedly carried out by Israel resulting in the destruction of the Iranian consulate in Damascus increased to 13 dead, seven of whom were members of the Iranian Guards of the Revolution, as state television today broadcast in Tehran. “In the attack carried out by the Zionist regime against the consulate of the Iranian embassy in the Syrian capital, seven Iranians and six Syrians were killed,” TV said. A previous account was made of 11 dead. EU: Show restraint For its part, the EU is calling for ‘self-restraint’ after the hit at the Iranian consular office in Damascus for which Israel is accused. “In this extremely tense regional situation, it is really of the utmost importance to show restraint. The further escalation in the region is in nobody’s interest,” said Commission representative, responsible for foreign policy issues, Peter Stanno, during today’s information from the Commission to journalists. “This is our position,” said P. Stano about the alleged Israeli blow to an Iranian diplomatic building in Damascus and specifically to Iran’s consular office.