Israel: Driver threw his car at four policemen

A car attack against him was noted in the action of losing his life. Specifically four police officers in Israel were injured in a car attack against a checkpoint in the central part of the country, the agency announced, specifying that the perpetrator is dead. The driver, 26 years old, initially threw his car on four policemen on a barricade to control on board Kohav Yair, a community adjacent to the occupied West Bank, northeast of Tel Aviv, according to an Israeli police announcement. Police officers were admitted to a hospital with slight injuries, added to the text. The perpetrator “continued his way to the Eliyau checkpoint (p.r. near the Palestinian city of Calquilya), where he attempted to stab police officers, who took him out,” continues the police announcement, which explains that his death was found on the spot. 🔴Urgent Four members of the Jewish police were injured, some of them in some serious condition, following a ramming attack tried to stay others in the Kochav Yair settlement in the northwest of the West Bank. They said that they killed perpetrator. — Haseeb khan (@Haseebk08899164) The episode was marked with a background to the ongoing Israeli war/ Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Some 1,160 people, in their majority civilians, were killed in southern areas of Israeli territory in the unprecedented raid of Hamas military arm on October 7, according to an account by the French Agency based on official Israeli data. Large-scale Israeli military operations in retaliation have cost life since then to at least 32,916 people in the Gaza Strip, according to the Hamas Health Ministry, a Palestinian Islamist movement in power in the enclave since 2007.