Israel announced it killed a Hezbollah leader

His army of killing a senior commander in an air raid in southern Lebanon, two days after Israel killed in a raid on the same area another leading official of the Lebanese Shia armed movement. “A Air Force aircraft bombed a vehicle in the Kunin region of Lebanon, in which Ismail al-Zane was on board,” Israel’s army said of the leading Hezbollah executive. The army presented him as “a unit commander responsible for dozens of attacks” against Israel. In Beirut, Hezbollah, in a press release, confirmed the death of Ismail al-Zane, without specifying his role within the movement. On Friday, the Israeli army announced that it killed “Ali Abdel Hassan Naim, deputy commander of the Hezbollah missile and rocket unit”, in an attack on Bazuriye in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah confirmed Naim’s death.