IPTO disagrees with the Regulatory Authority on the connection of RES

Its opposition to the (RAAEF) on how to cover the costs of gas generators or high-voltage consumers in the electricity transmission system. In particular, the issue has been regulated by Law 4951/2022 on the basis of which ‘the IPTO has submitted to RAAY a complete mechanism that achieves the objectives of this law, ensures that consumers are not invited to bear excessive costs and that the Independent Administrator will undertake these investments in a way economically viable, just as is the case with the remaining investments to be implemented’. However, in a letter sent by the Regulatory Authority to IPTO, there is a question of repayability of these investments for consumers and it is proposed to establish a Special Property Base so that they are compensated with a different (lower) return rather than that which has been approved and applies to all projects of the national transport system. In an answer letter, the IPTO states that this recommendation is directed against the spirit of the legislator, as the law makes no reference to the creation of a distinct asset base for the system’s expansion projects and any mention of distinct performance vis-à-vis other projects. ‘Therefore’ stresses ‘the return on the investments concerned has already been founded by the legislator without calling into question any question. These projects are no different from all the rest and are an integral part of the System and any different compensation mechanism would make these investments unsustainable for IPTO.” According to the calculations invoked by IPTO, investments in these projects will be detrimental if they are compensated at a lower return, equal to loan costs, eventually leading to undermining the development of RES in Greece. Source: RES – ICM

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