Ioanna Tuni angry about the homophobic attack on two trans in Thessaloniki

Only shame caused the images with the mob to attack two trans at Aristotle Square in . The , originating from the city, broke out via Instagram. “A shame only for my city!” Ioanna Tuni wrote in a story she uploaded to Instagram, expressing her anger at her, who was accepted on Saturday night (09.03.2024) by the two young people. “Anyone can dress as he wants, stand for what he wants and love anyone he wants. Actually, anyone can do anything that makes him happy as long as he doesn’t hurt others! What were those bullies exactly? Defenders of morality? Shame only on my city! And because it all starts with the family, shame on parents who raise their children in hatred and homophobia! I hope the police don’t take the incident lightly. I also hope the young children who see my Story feel the same disgust that I feel by seeing such unnecessary attacks! I accept that you do not understand or embrace anything. I also accept – with some regret – that you feel uncomfortable seeing something that is far away from you and wanting to turn around. But when we get to swearing, hand-in-law, and all that I saw on the video, I take nothing but prison! I hope the world changes its mindset,” wrote Joanna Tuni.