Intralot: Plans for US, Australia, South Africa and Brazil

Her plans were presented yesterday by her management, as part of the communication of the results of 2023. In relation to the contracts which Intralot claims in the US, in terms of administration, as reflected in the teleconference, it is estimated that a low one-digit number of these contracts can be secured, which is sufficient to significantly enhance its size. The emphasis will be placed on middle and smaller lotterys, such as Colorado, Arizona, Missouri, Kentucky, North Dakota etc., sized from $800 million to $2.5 billion. In addition to the US, reference was made to the interest from the point of view of administration in contracts in South Africa, Brazil and Australia. Regarding Canada, management noted that Intralot’s platform will be released live in British Columbia next May. As the management also stressed, Intralot’s goal is to gain market share in Turkey. In relation to the Argentine market, the administration estimated that the situation would stabilise.