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William H. Taft / Helen Herron Taft Silver-plated Portrait Scissors, ca. 1908 Politics
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(Title) The “katitis” in order to assign a specific company to undertake eco-systems installation and maintenance works of chemical toilets is accused of blackmail 43chronos official called the Municipality of Zakynthos, Head of Research Department and Supervision of Works. Affairs and charged with “passive bribery repeated” and “racketeering enterprise.” According to what reported by the police, it all started when an individual complained to the “uncorrupted by capital intrigue” of the Police 43chronos that the municipal employee required by this blackmail, as a special agent of his son, to pay various sums of money periodically to instruct the company of his son work.
The complainant’s father-businessman said that before about 20 days, the 43chronos demanded of him and took the money of 3,000 euros, and require re-sum of 2,000 euros in order to give back to the company of the complainant’s son to the above project.
In fact, according with what denounced between 2005 and 2009, the municipality shall issue such contests, was forced to pay 43chrono the total amount of 11.900 euros for approval each time filed the case. Otherwise, threatening him that she would find a way to reject the award of the project.
Saturday morning, the 43chronos closed meeting with his father, businessman in the town of Zakynthos, to the second to give the first 2,000 euros. The money had prosimeiothei so only the head of the department and supervision of projects received, the police arrested him. The 43chronos going to go to Public Prosecutor of Zakynthos.


Municipality of Ithaca

interlaces, financial transactions, bribes, gifts and projects with direct awards complain by letter to the Region of Ionian Islands, officials of the City of Ithaca, giving a range of data and names of those implicated in the scandal.

According to the information on this topic is updated by the Region of Ionian Islands, which has requested written explanations from the municipal authority for all complaints. Document was sent to the Department of Local Management Prefecture of Cephalonia, which sought to investigate further what was reported and in particular how the award of account works and commissions by the City of Ithaca. Today is expected to meet on this issue the City Council of Ithaca to discuss complaints and to provide the appropriate explanation from the relevant municipality, which, however, link this with the upcoming municipal and regional elections. According to the complaint, the City of Ithaca has been erected in recent years, a million dancing and black money ends up in accounts of a network “for our. He also complains that the field of water and supply drinking water have made two huge financial scandals which – as mentioned, is in full knowledge of practitioners. The makers of the city characterized slander complaints and noted that everything reported there are answers and evidence. They point out that all projects listed in the complaint were made under full transparency.


scandal million in municipal enterprise of Volos
«Financial Scandal” seems it has sounded the door of the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Volos (DEFAMV).
The unprecedented taken the case has caused the differentiation of Volos Mayor John Stamos from politics mayor al. Voulgaris, while the current data will clarify the matter in court, where they have already filed the first appeal.
At the same time a war has broken out communications between the parties in the municipality. Through out these concerns and questions about where and how funds were spent starting from 45,000 euros to 1.5 million euros.
The deputy mayor in eight-page report to members of the Board and the Chairman of DEFAMV, blames managers for financial management of DEFAMV. And those, in turn, contradicts the claims of Mr. Stamos, which feature false and foreshadow the action in court.
In his report, the deputy mayor says the following: “There can no longer remain unbeknownst BoD questions like:
– Why not keep the Board the findings of the consultancy for ponds? Really, no one is accountability for the waste of approximately 1.5 million euros, and as it turned out it took only 45 000 euros for the feasibility study, which should precede and not be awarded retrospectively ;

– Why not present the study for the new building DEFAMV which cost over 100,000 euros, and how paid;
– Why is the supply of chlorine, which condemned before half-time, 2 per liter plus VAT and there was a supplier after a contest with 0.23 minutes per liter plus VAT, is pending and the supplier does not ask for the money, but has also adopted the relevant invoices;
– Why is not updated The Board the famous case of overflow, not one but five, who are respectively issued invoice? been paid;
– What projects require the approval of the Board presented as supplies to circumvent the Board;
– Why the Economic Service is unable to provide the Board an informed response to the financial position of the Company What is the economic opening, what the current financial obligations, what volume of invoices are in hand and can not be paid, so there are daily fights with contractors and suppliers;
– Why not give a detailed report, spent the reserve of 4.5 million euros in the year 2005;
– Why not also give a clear explanation for the notional reserve of 4.6 million euros given in the 2006 budget and not a funny answer on “accounting failure, given by the Director of Finance;

This issue is very serious because it misled the Board The Company adopted the budget, the Region of Thessaly, which upheld the decision and the operation of DEFAMV for one year (2006) with a notional budget.
If there are more answers, we could clearly explain why he was forced to DEFAMV enter into a loan of 10 million euros (finally 8.5 million euros) and to also give convincing answers for the price of water, public concern.
As far as I am concerned I can not conceal and Let me be an accomplice ».

Complaints deputy mayor of Volos John Stamos referred to the Board DEFAMV of following a decision by the mayor al. Voulgaris, who sent the general manager of Business East Kolios the text of the report of the Deputy Mayor.
The letter asked the mayor to provide all the necessary information (invoices, Board decisions, reports, supervisors) listed.
In addition to court against Mr. Stamos resort general manager of DEFAMV Anastasia necklace and the Director of Technical Services Create Koutsifelis according to their statements.


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Bryan-Stevenson Campaign Buttons, ca. 1900 Politics
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William H. Taft-Sherman Tin “Grand Old Party Standard Bearers” Portrait Plate, 1908 Politics
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