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Instead they gave WAGES IN CANNED FANTAROUS sachets of sugar into the Recruit Training Center CORINTH

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(Title) Education Center recruits Corinth, Friday 11-6, while the soldiers were taking a journey and we started for the frontier units which were sent first shift, called them to go to the supply to cover the Education Center its financial obligations to the soldiers.

Instead the soldiers are paid salary for the period of stay in the Education Centre and to give the hikers, ordered to sign a list of names that received two tins of beans and some sugar, grain bags, saying that “Money does not exist!” The complaints reached the Solidarity Committee soldiers from several battalions in a while reminding that the order of May is very populous.

By then the responsibility of the management of the Centre Classification and involved officers and noncommissioned officers, not n only “ate” the wages of soldiers, but obliged them already take themselves and their families the cost of transfer as transferees units. From the above it appears that the Department of Defense and the commanders of units Abolish the practice of his salary to 8 million which is worth paying the soldiers.

Great questions that arise from this: The concept of responsible officers, noncommissioned officers were to sign the transferees soldiers that got canned and sugar. Not really to take the latter. As the soldiers proudly refused more often to get canned and sugar, this means that practically created a balance of cash and products to them, which seems virtually given to soldiers. Who wins from this stock;

wonder, believes the Secretary of Defense that the soldiers can apply methods of inter-war kliringk, exchanging canned and sugar with the bus and boat tickets to get to the border points * The compulsory military service is shown again as cruel taxation of the working family, a period of hard labor in the soldiers, the military supplement preparation consumables in the first row. Revealed deep taxikotita policy of PASOK, which “boasts” the military service of the offspring of wealthy families in the “trenches the coast of Honolulu, contributing to worsening poverty and despair for the working majority, while the world’s wealth makes a provocative display of wealth produced by workers in-floor deck of Averof.

Does the Minister of National Defence and the Chief Ef.Venizelos General Staff, Lieutenant Frank Frangoulis feel the need to give some explanation? We Soldiers that may have suffered similar measures to denounce us.

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