India: At least 4 killed by explosion in chemical factory

At least four people were killed and 16 others were injured because of the strong explosion that occurred today in the state of Telengana in . Due to the explosion at the chemical plant in India a fire was caused, which spread rapidly. “A reactor exploded and those nearby were hurled by the shock wave,” a police officer told PTI News. “So far, four deaths have been confirmed, while 10-15 injured have been hospitalized to receive medical care,” he completed. A police spokesman told the Reuters news agency a group of 40 rescuers was immediately mobilised, confirming that “all prisoners have been rescued.” He noted that among the dead he is reportedly an executive of the SB Organics company, to which the factory belongs. Rector blast reporter in a chemical factory in of . 4 people die and few others received burn injuries. Reason for the blast is yet to be known — Aneri Shah (@tweet_aneri) An investigation shall be carried out to verify the causes of the explosion, as well as whether responsibilities arise for breaching security measures.

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