Incredible REVELATION to the Penthouse: What is the meaning of the stars of a successful series?

    He’s always honest in interviews and constantly surprises us with the answers to the…
    “I see myself in the Penthouse, it’s like the last snapshot before death you see your whole life pass in front of you. I’m glad I’m still healthy and I work, I get joy from my job and I can earn from this,” said Joyce Argiro in the E. As for the when he was playing in the Penthouse, he did not hesitate to say:
    “The self I do not like not only in the Penthouse, not even in the mirror! I am very strict with myself! I don’t like to see him. I couldn’t erase mistakes, because my mistakes in the Penthouse are the mistakes of a new actor, the mistakes of inexperience. I couldn’t have experience when I was in the Penthouse because I was a kid”.