Incredible car accident: Did the hot-rodder, and “sowed” panic!

He made the world upside – down! – A girl with him in the car – See the exclusive photos of CRETALIVE
Panic was caused ,at about 10.30 tonight, on avenue 62 Witness when a young man that was at IX of PEUGEOT Rallye was running at breakneck speed ,making dangerous maneuvers ,crashed into a tree , which he tore, in front of the eyes of the έντρομων passers-by!
By some miracle, I mourned the victims, as well as the car of the young man deleted “crazy” course, and in the passage of the uprooted the entire tree and a pole!
The vehicle was still a girl while in accordance with the first information, don’t there have been serious injuries.
At the point of rushed the cops were called and two ambulances of the AMBULANCE from the passers-by who by the sight thought for sure the incident would have a bad ending…
Earlier, people have gathered at the scene of the accident and had stopped the traffic in a stream of traffic.