In the plans the interface of the EPKA with the General Register of Business

The General Register (GEMI) and , as well as a programme for the creation of Entrepreneurship and Innovation hotspots in the Chambers, are planned and procedures for further simplification of administrative procedures are moving forward. In particular, there were recent meetings attended by the administrative committee of the Central Association of Chambers of Greece, under its president, Ioannis Masutis, the Minister of Development, Kostas Skrekas, and the Minister of Digital Governance, Dimitris Papastergiou, on the issues that concern Greek companies. As stated by the KEEU Communication, the Minister for Development, among other things, raised issues such as the approval of Chamber bodies, the need for immediate staffing of chambers of commerce services and the seamless grant of Chamber civil companies. Regarding the General Commercial Register, the issue of its improvement was raised, with the aim of being the ultimate tool of development, through its transformation from a digital library into a dynamic database interconnecting with other registers. Moreover, the possibility of creating a digital platform for networking businesses with Innovation, Research and Development bodies was discussed, so that the business and academic – research community had a unique communication point, as well as the creation of a digital platform for the diagnosis of labour market needs. In addition, it was noted that the appropriate form of implementation of the internal control mechanism for chambers should be found. Training in new specialties, based on the needs arising from the labour market, was another point of discussion, as were the issues of licensing – certification of professions by the chambers. For his part, Mr. Skrekas pointed out the interest of the ministry in the evolution of GEMIS and informed that the interconnection of GEMI and EPKA is planned, as well as a project to create Entrepreneurship and Innovation hotspots in the chambers. The Minister stated his intention to cooperate with the phrase “We are waiting for your proposals for legislative interventions”. At the meeting with the Minister of Digital Governance, Dimitris Papastergiou, a memorandum was delivered which included proposals-actions to improve the General Commercial Register, to expand the program “Digital Transformation of Entrepreneurship”, with a series of sub-projects of digital evolution of GEMI, through new actions supporting businesses using technology “artificial intelligence”, developing digital services in chambers to support sectors of the local economy, as well as actions to combat digital fraud with the sub-project “Digital Fraud Mechanism”. As a “vehicle” for the provision of these services, it was proposed to create a “Digital Entrepreneurship Support Structure”. Mr Papastergiou said that the Ministry of Digital Governance has launched actions to simplify administrative procedures through new technologies that will benefit both citizens and businesses. On the occasion of these meetings, KEEE President Giannis Masoutis stated: “It is imperative that the productive ministers, whose portfolio is linked to the country’s curatorial community, understand, promote and resolve issues that concern businesses and in a climate of inclusion to provide solutions for the benefit of the Greek business. In this direction, the meetings of the Bureau of KEEE with the Ministers of Development, Mr. Costas Skrekas, and Digital Governance, Mr.Dimitris Papastergiou, contribute. We submitted to the two ministers memos and pledged to promote the issues that concern us and are included in our texts.” Source: RES – ICM