IN THE LIMITS OF THE “Papageorgiou”

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    (Title) a limit state function has led to complacency Papageorgiou Hospital, Health Ministry and the unprecedented bureaucracy. Management and staff make daily heroic efforts to maintain in full operation all the clinics and laboratories of the hospital despite the great adversity they face. Indicative of the situation is that doctors are paying out of pocket cost to part of the maintenance of hospital equipment.
    For nine months the minister has split Marilisa Xenogiannakopoulou great promise, has committed, but none of them implemented.

    One of the first promises of the new minister was to settle its debts to the state hospital, which according to General Manager of the Foundation George Christopoulos reach now around 90 million euros. The amounts are subsidies paid by the State to the hospital, which is equivalent to the salary costs of all personnel. Over the past six years paid a small part of the grant, bringing the accumulated debt has risen to 90 million, which represents wage of about four years. Staff salaries are paid from income that has a hospital which, because most difficult to cope, forced to withhold some of the money for other needs such as payment of suppliers.

    Into the ground bureaucracy and the difficult economic situation has become bogged down and the major issue of recruitment of staff. When founded in hospital capacity was 625 beds, but now operates with 800 beds, ie 175 more. “This means that we definitely need more 160 people, mostly nurses,” notes Mr Christopoulos, noting that the completeness of the hospital amounts to 94%. Result of the pressure under which they operate the medical and nursing staff is that the twelve years of withdrawing seek better working conditions around 600 people (!), Including 120 doctors. To recruit the required additional staff necessary to amend the Statute of the hospital. The new plan submitted to the Agency for approval before about three years in line ministries, but the case is still pending. According to reports, Mrs Xenogiannakopoulou has signed the plan, not the case, however, and Finance Minister Giorgos Papakonstantinou. The only approved hiring 17 new positions related to doctors in specialties other than those needed by the hospital!

    The purchase of new CT and MRI is one of the problems of peak “Papageorgiou. It explains the director of radiologic and Chairman of the Scientific Board of the hospital John Tsitouridis, “machines have eaten bread. Are models 1989 and two years ago has stopped the production of spare parts. We arrived at the scene, “notes” to keep them on Sundays, paying ourselves from our own pocket cost “.
    The procurement process began before the new scanners from about six years, but the case is pending, and missing on signing of the Procurement Department of Health. Please note that only in 2009, the radiology department has approximately 330 000 tests, of which only one third of the patients concerned “Papageorgiou”, bringing revenue to the hospital in order of around 8.5 million. Nevertheless, because of bureaucracy and indifference of previous and current leadership of the Ministry of Health, the purchase of new scanners is impossible.
    Tell end the state of indifference towards the “Papageorgiou” is that dragging three years the appointment of a new board.

    Nikos ILIADI

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