In the “Kalathi of Lent” halvas, salads and seafood: Entry into force from 13 March

From Wednesday 13.3.2024 until Sunday 4.5.2024, as provided for in the Ministerial Decision ratified today (5.3.2024), the Minister of Development, . According to the decision signed by Mr. Skrekas, the “Card of Lent” is an extension of the “House of House” already in force, while three new categories of food are added, so that each household has all the necessary products for the Saracostian table at affordable prices. The following products are present in the Lent basket: Halvas Island Salads (alms – eggplant salads, taramosalates, etc.) Frozen seafood (at least two species) Minister of Development Costas Skrekas said: “We want every house to have access to quality products at the lowest prices possible these holy days. The “Cal of Lent”, which is an extension of the “Cal of the Household”, includes all the necessary food for each household in view of the fasting of Lent. No citizen will be excluded from those precious goods to fill the family table. The government will continue to take all necessary initiatives to help all consumers in practice.” It is noted that the list of already existing products in the House basket is as follows: Rice Toast bread Fragola bread (standard/packaged) Macaroni toasts No. 6 All-purpose meal legumes Legume vegetables Legume vegetables Turkey Parsa (other) Frozen fish Fresh pork (packed or not) Fresh chicken (packed or not) Fresh beef (packed or not) Fresh full milk fresh with low fat High pasteurization milk (long-lasting) full High pasteurisation milk (long-lasting) with low-fat milk heavy yoghurt milk Cow milk yoghurt without low fat flavors Cheese feta White cheese Cheese gouda Cheese with low fat Tomato juice preserved Eggs (clove and barn) Pearls Olive oil Sunflower oil Frozen vegetables (at least two of peas, okra, beans) White sugar Sweeteners suitable for diabetic oatmeal products (at least one) Baby cream Infantry milk Greek coffee Instant coffee French coffee Orange juice Laundry detergents (liquid and powdered – not tablets) Mopping and cleaning detergents – bleaching dishes for hand washing Kitchen paper Health paper Toothdrops Servers or tampons Shampoo Soaps in solid condition Incontinence diapers Baby baby baby baby baby baby wipes Baby shampoo Shampoos Dog food Cat food