In the 19th Elementary School. Ionia Rena Δούρου

The 19th Primary School of Nea Ionia, visited the… Regional Rena Δούρου, in the context of the information programme of the students for recycling. The program is part of the social activities “Quality of life” promoted by the Region of Attica for the viewing of the projects implemented through the NSRF of the ROP of ATTICA.
The students of the first classes of Primary School had the opportunity to play, and with the help of the actors to learn how to separate useful materials and how we can re-use it through recycling. Also attended an interactive show, the Νεφοκαλικάντζαρους, which presents the group of Bubbles, based on the eco-tale of Marius Βερέττα.
With the end of the event, the Governor gave gifts to the younger students and offered in the School recycling bins to promote the recycling of materials.
The program of the Region of Attica for the information of students started from the 29th Elementary School of Peristeri, was repeated in the 6th and 11th Primary school of Vyronas, the 4th Elementary School of Drapetsona, the 3rd Nursery Byron and will continue in the 4th Primary School of Ilion, Thursday 10 December.