So you can clean it very easily the hose to your washing machine

It’s one of the points of the washing machine that most of us forget…
to clean it up. It comes, however, the moment that we have to do See how to clean the rubber of your laundry in the most simple way.
Start inspecting your tire for any remnants of mold. Carefully pull it to see it whole. If you find that it has mold (which you probably will, especially if it has been a very long time to clean) follow the tip that we recommend.
Be sure to clean the rubber of the washing machine often to avoid filling the mold.
You will need:
1 cup. liquid bleach according to the bleach
400 ml lukewarm water
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Put in a small bowl the above ingredients and dip in a clean cotton cloth.
Gently rub the rubber with the cloth and give more emphasis to the points that have mold.
Let the liquid sit for 5 minutes and with a dry towel wipe your tire to remove all residues.
Your tire is no longer spotless.