In operation the appointment platform for the cash – POS –

Today (15.3.2024) the POS interface platform with cash machines was put into operation by decision of the Governor of AADE, George Pitsilis, the Register of Technical Support Services. FEM installation and support technicians should register on this platform the scheduled appointments with the companies responsible for connecting their cash systems with POS, according to the AADE Communication. Final date for the declaration of scheduled appointments to be implemented within April shall be 1 April 2024. The application is available in myADE > Applications > Other Services. Undertakings responsible for interconnection should check the information on the Register and Communication platform/ Business data, at the digital portal ‘myADE’ after submission of the Information Statement by technical support operations. As of 23 March they will be able to formulate any disagreements with the listed data by selecting the relevant indication. The FEM Technical Support Undertaking will then be informed through the ADE to proceed with the necessary corrections. It is noted that businesses for which a scheduled appointment will not be declared by 22 March 2024 will receive an email to find a technical support operation immediately. How the platform operates FHM technical support operations (females of FHM appropriate license holders, FHM technical support license holders, FHM resellers, licensed technicians as appropriate) should declare scheduled appointments for the month of April following the following timetable: As of Tuesday, March 19, 2024, a preloaded file will be available per FEM technical support operation, with the information of its customers, according to the D11 Stock Transfer Form of Tax Electronic Devices-dealer. By 22 March 2024, technical support services shall be provided, with the dates of scheduled appointments up to 30 April 2024. From 23 March to 01 April 2024, technical support undertakings should declare each day the new appointments scheduled for April, with the aim that on 1 April all the appointments planned have been declared on the Register. The above-mentioned enterprises should submit a Statement of FEM Users Information to the digital portal of the AED (myADE): via a special registration form or through file submission in the form of a spreadsheet, a model of which is available within the application. The Declaration shall include: FEM User Number. FEM Register Number. Indication (N/O) in case of FSM, which is interconnected or intended to be interconnected with means of payments with an intermediate commercial/account management program (Enterprise Resource Planning, ‘ERP’). Indication (N/O) of the entity’s non-operation, FEM User, up to 30 April 2024, due to seasonality. Date of scheduled appointment for the implementation of the connection of the FIM with the Means of Payment provided by the FIM User. It is underlined that when submitting the file automated checks will be carried out on the validity of the data and in case of errors, relevant error messages will appear. Transfer date for the statement of transition to All in One solutions It is also noted that the deadline for those companies wishing to declare on the POS Registry that they are going to replace their cash system with some of the new available solutions all in one, which do not require additional interconnection actions. It is recalled that in this case the interconnection period is extended for an additional month, i.e. until 30 April 2024. This extension is given in order to facilitate businesses following the extension to the deadline for submitting applications in the 4th cycle of the purchase, upgrading of POS and interconnection with cash machines.