In INTERSPORT we dedicate March to recycling and environmental protection

In INTERSPORT Athletics, a company of Fourlis Group, we understand and contribute actively to maintaining the sustainability of the planet, calling on all of you to be our companion to this effort. On the occasion of the World Recycling Day, March 18, Intersport devotes the month to protecting the environment. In this context, for the 10th year in the action “Are you running with your heart? You recycle passionately in INTERSPORT!”. The action, implemented in collaboration with RECYCOM, includes recycling old shoes in one of the 59 INTERSPORT stores, through which participants receive 20% discount for purchasing sports shoes from the running collection. Correspondingly, for Online users, a discount is provided with the recycling commitment in one of the 3,200 recycom bins. It is worth noting that so far at least 200,000 shoes have been recycled through INTERSPORT actions. Part of recycled shoes resulting from the actions are reused, while the rest can be used as raw materials, significantly reducing the volume of waste and environmental footprint. Always looking at the most crucial and timeless needs of society, such as the environment and sustainability, INTERSPORT makes sure that it moves in simple but of great value, always based on its values and vision, namely a better world and a better life. More information about the action and the rewarding benefit, you can find here: