In a partnership of long-distance bus and tourist offices 63 bus lines – “Dense” routes in Eastern and Western Attica

An alliance consisting of a consortium of companies and tourist offices is expected to play the role of… Buses in Eastern and Western Attica, strengthening the transport work and urban transport on over 60 bus lines and around 210 . In particular, according to the OASA (Athens Urban Transportation Agency) is officially awarded the scheme “UNITING OF OVERSEAS Buses Argos, Thebes, Corinth, Magnesia, Salamisia, Chania – SMILEA CADIMOS, MAROULIS TRAVEL”, the contract entitled “Providing Passenger Transportation Services with Urban Buses in Eastern and Western Attica”, an initial amount of EUR 400 million (now VAT), for 8 years. In essence, this consortium consisting of 6 long-distance bus stations and the tourist offices Maroulis travel and Panolympia (Smile Acadimos) take over the coverage of dozens of bus lines in Athens and Attica in general. For the record, the contractor will be paid EUR 2,339 / vehicle-kilometre (more VAT). Serving these sections of the basin is considered a priority, as complaints from the passenger public and the condition of vehicles leave no room for delay. According to relatively recent estimates, one section includes 25 Eastern Attica bus lines for the operation of which 1,188 routes are planned (in typical daily days) and 96 vehicles are required (of which 61 must be 12 meters, 30 being 18 metres and 5 being 8 metres). The second section includes 38 Western Attica Bus Lines for operation of which 1,757 routes are scheduled (in the typical daily days) and 115 vehicles are required (of which 112 must be 12 metres and 3 must be 8 metres). Consequently, they will “bike” around 210 new buses on the lines to serve the passenger public. Naturally, these buses are expected within 2024 or even early 2025. With the launch of this contract, the status of extending contracts with the Athens Buses, which began in October 2020 as a direct assignment due to emergency measures as the coronavirus pandemic had erupted and has been renewed several times despite the Court of Auditors’ objections (E. S.). It is recalled that the E.S. has several times “heave” obstacles to the management of Attica bus lines by the Attica Buses, citing the fact that the extensions of contracts are equivalent to direct assignments over a period of five years.