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    (Title) Trafficking “mixed” waste enriched with recyclable materials found in the Greek-Bulgarian border, after 380 tests in trucks last month at border stations bastion of ascension.
    The patrols made up of inspectors from Sector Northern Greece, the Special Environmental Inspectorate, an official of the Office of Alternative Management of Packaging and other products of YPEKA, officials of the Office of Special Audit of the Ministry of Finance and astynomikoi.Ta audit findings showed, according to a statement of YPEKA, illegal transportation of used batteries of vehicles, old metal cables (scrap) and a mixture of solid waste (industrial and municipal). Sampled loads copies of the accompanying transport documents and photographs to explore the origin of waste and to impose administrative and criminal penalties on violators. Shipments of used batteries belonging to hazardous waste, was confiscated and followed the procedure act. Checks were made with the assistance of relevant departments of Bulgaria in implementation of the European program for the effective implementation of EU legislation on waste management, “TWINNING PROJECT BG/07/1B/EN/02”, while representatives of Austrian Ministry of Environment. The YPEKA promises “enlargement” and the intensification of border controls the transport of waste in all portals of entry and exit of the country.

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