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(Title) Ignorance is the biggest curse to creativity in Greece, since there are few, while those who make an invention, but not understanding the value, you simply go to the publication of Working in a valid period and no guarantee of copyright, so that others who are “exploiting” the patent to discover and treasure, said ANA-MPA lawyer Panagiotidou Euphemia, approved member of the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys ( FICPI).
«If you do not know that you have invented something that exploit economies can not go to the entrenched,” he said Mrs Panagiotidou the sidelines tonight’s event in the Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki, adding that “it is unfortunately The most common occurrence in our country ».

Referring to the problem of lack of patenting in Greece, Mr. Panagiotidou emphasized inter alia that, unfortunately, both entrepreneurs and employees are not aware of their rights and can not be manage an innovation that might succeed, even accidentally. As stated, there are few times when a worker changes firm and the new employer perceives an innovative method used. In many cases, as stated by the employer goes to maintaining the “search” and the employee and strengthens its position in the international competitive environment, it does not inform the initiator of the idea of rights, which are economic.
Among other things, Mr. Panagiotidou observed in ANA-MPA is unfortunate that many entrepreneurs in our country copying patented designs, often unknowingly, thus face large fines. “The damages have to pay is much greater than to pay an exclusive contract with a designer name.

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For more information, visit IranSeminar2009GA.com University of Michigan’s Juan Cole speaks on August 29, 2009 at Iran 2009 Election: Precursors, Observations, and Consequences. The seminar was organized by a group of university students in the Atlanta area and was hosted by the Emory University School of Law. It was not part of or affiliated to any political or governmental organizations. The seminar was intended to be an intellectual discourse about the recent events in Iran. It is not the intention of the organizers or Emory University to engage in any sort of political activism. The opinions expressed by the speakers in the seminar are not necessarily those of the organizers. Video Rating: 4 / 5