“I owe you 170.000 euros”. When the kastanas of Aristotle was created on tv [video]

    There are definitely bigger fish, without this means that smaller may be breaking the law. The fact that they went so…
    police officers to catch a brown like it was a dangerous criminal was clearly comical .
    The same, well-known and beloved figure in the centre of the city, is from Aridea and roasting chestnuts and corn for over 30 years. Despite the movement of the point in which the grill (Tsimiski and Aristotelous), and in spite of the sales made every day, mr. George Municipality owes to the PPO, as he had told Pin: “I Owe TEBE 100.000€, I have a license but I can’t do the renewal, I don’t hate the mayor, Yiannis Boutaris, asking for papers, you understand what’s going on. I didn’t have… money to pay TEBE 970€ every two months. And the irs owe you another 70.000, chasing after us, but… I’m not afraid. To… be hungry, no way!”
    We see that it’s not a big fish, but on the other hand 170.000 euros he owes to the state, and not a pittance as one would expect. On the other hand, the PPO is asking almost $ 1,000 for a couple of months from a brown? You crazy? I don’t think that he should be arrested, but that he continued selling, without permission, and without paying his debts he had this nasty and ridiculous spectacle. “Come on, this gonna start?” thinking, of course, and, ultimately, 170.000 euros each, 170.000 the other, we lose the account and we are not starting from anyone. Can for the accumulation of debt of it’s the φορομπηχτική policy, the mark-ups from the fines or even poor money management – I don’t know. But the point is that he is a breadwinner struggling really and I don’t have to give even to want, unlike the big fish who have but do not give…

    If, however, the government hopes that this arrest will solve a problem, or that you will forget about the forgotten millions of euros of Ministers (and ministers of previous governments, of course) made a mistake. I guess the opposite works.