How will you know if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi

The person breaking a wireless network and a home, so to speak, a without special safeguards in addition to a typical password, this is not something difficult. Yeah, OK, it’s not something everyone can do, but on the other it’s not rocket science, at least not in our days. Really, do you know how to determine if someone has crept in the Wi-Fi network and stealing your bandwidth? No, in case something like this happens, I will start ringing some kind of alarm from your router, so you should probably to discover themselves looking for.
How will that work?
As reported by the techpress, get on your router and see how many and which devices are connected to it! The access is done with a simple visit to the address if you don’t have anything –in any other case, you will know the precise IP of the modem/router. After put password and username, check out to find a tab which shows the devices connected to the wireless access point (the router) and, by extension, to your network. You will need to bring to the “Connected Devices”, “Network Connections” or something similar.
There you will see a list of all the devices that have access to the internet through your network. One of these such.x. should be the laptop/desktop, a tablet and even a smartphone –you’ll recognize them by the names of their network. Record one by one all those devices and if you see some that you don’t know, you will know that there is a problem! Alternatively however, you can use some application for this job, like Wireless Network Watcher, but if you are in a position to suit yourself, even better.
Of course, don’t expect them to update the web application on which device it is (unless the name is so clear to me anymore), but in any event, your issue is not this: to break in to the homes of your neighbors in search of the culprit, is not the most appropriate solution.
Turn off Wi-Fi for a bit, change security code by putting something completely different from what you had previously and, if possible, the network name and the encoding of the data, before re-enable your network. The most efficient way to do this is to restore the factory default settings of your router and start from the beginning again. Patience, composure, courage, and… good power!