How to enjoy sex more when it is hot!

The temperature of summer can spoil your erotic mood…

Couple having sex in bed

Create an atmosphere

If it was winter it would mean candles in the space. Now you do not even want to think about it so the “make” atmosphere includes the air conditioner control. Set the right temperature and make your room (or any room you choose to host your romantic moments) look perfect. Be careful not to overdo it with low temperatures as it can be catastrophic.

Take a shower together

This cool alternative needs no explanation. You will cool down while enjoying your sexual intercourse.

Put the ice cubes in the game

It is the cheapest erotic aid and we all have it at home. You can use ice cubes in many different ways to drive your loved one crazy by changing the temperature.

Sweat together

If all else fails, get ideas from others. Hug your partner tightly and enjoy the sex so much that you do not understand if you or he have sweated.

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