Holidays 2024: When Clean Monday and Easter fall

Countdown for the next, and there are not a few who are looking for when the . For some, it will be a three-day, as this year falls on March 18. Chiknofifth yesterday, and most of them “sneezed”, just before the Sunday of Apokreo (10 March) which is the last day, according to church tradition, that we are allowed to consume meat. In addition, carnival events began officially throughout the country, while peaking on March 17th, which is the Sunday of Tyrophagos (Turin), where dairy products, eggs, fish and olive oil are allowed to be consumed, but not meat. Then, on March 18th, Pure Monday goes down, where it is the first day of the fasting of the Great Four, as we eat the traditional hare and sarcostian dishes, making a “koulouma” in the countryside. Also, this day is considered a holiday, giving most people the opportunity to escape to nearby destinations due to the three-day holiday. Moreover, the Holy Week of the Lord’s Passions begins on Monday, April 29th and Easter this year is May 5th. However, since May 2024 this year coincides with Great Wednesday (May 1, 2024), the holiday is transferred to Tuesday, May 7th immediately after Easter Monday, following a decision by the Minister of Labour and Social Security, Domna Michailidou. But let us look at all the holidays for 2024. March : Pure Monday (18 March), Annunciation of the Virgin (Monday 25 March). May : Easter Sunday (May 5th), Easter Monday (May 6th), Labor Day (May 7th) June : Holy Spirit (June 24th). It is not an official holiday for all sectors. August : Assumption of the Virgin (Thursday, August 15). October : Anniversary of “No” (Monday 28 October). December : Christmas (Wednesday 25 December), second day of Christmas (Thursday 26 December).

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