Heraklion: 5 meters python in field, viral images with snake

The snake was and was found in a large bag, in a field in the . The images go around the internet… The curiosity they had made them open the bag. Inside was a dead snake that was python. His size surprised them as it reached a length of 5 meters. The two friends took the relevant photos, with the images traveling from Heraklion to social media. The length of these reptiles varies depending on the species, from a few centimeters to 10 meters. Their main characteristic is that they have no glands of poison and kill their prey by clamping it with their strong spirals. Far from pleasant was the surprise that waited for two men in the region of Erosmos in Heraklion, as when they arrived in a field known to them, they saw a huge snake, which was python. In their attempt to tie their horse, they fell into a bag. Surprised they opened it and faced a huge python that was dead. The python, as shown in the photos of neakriti.gr, is estimated to be about 5 meters long. In fact, the snake had recently concluded and remains unknown, who put it in the bag found in the field.