Helen Hajidou: I had to sing the day after Pantelidis’ death, I couldn’t back off

‘ It was very difficult” recalls . Warm condolences to Marina Satti sent, from the air of Breakfast@Star on Wednesday, Helen Hajidou who was mentioned from the heart at her own corresponding difficult moment when she had to manage the loss of a loved one, Pantelis Pantelidis. “It’s the hardest thing that can happen. You don’t have time to mourn, or “right.” You’re exposed, you have to go out and do very specific things and show people you’re happy. Marina Satti is a professional,” said singer and presenter of the daily show, “It can stop some appearances but it’s up to a point. She can’t, unfortunately, take her time. But we artists have a magic button, which we press and it works. You put it aside, you mean you’re in pain, but you’re acting like it’s happening to another person. You’re doing it for the man who’s gone and is up there.” “What has happened to me was not with my relative but with a very own man, with Pantelidis. I had to sing the day after his death. I couldn’t back off, it was very difficult for me, it was a very special live one,” Helen Hajidou added for the unexpected glimpse of her good colleague.