Helen Anousakis: I hate this TV, I see a woman’s humiliation

“Then they weren’t pissed off, a man didn’t dress up and go on TV,” said Helen. Anousakis interviewed On Time and Sissy Menegato. The actress answered, among other things, about television and people coming out of reality. How do you see the new generation and especially those from reality, like Survivor and become actors? I hate reality. Because it’s not reality, a fake fight is set up, an attack on ratings. I hate this TV. I see a woman’s humiliation. I never had any confrontation with the people who loved men. These people were close to me as actors. There were actors who didn’t say they liked men. That’s not what we imagined. They were discreet people and had their lives. Then they weren’t pissed off. There wasn’t a man dressed as a woman, on TV, making a fool of the woman. The people who run the channels don’t see? Don’t they know that a man will stand and admire the nice, the elegant, the right? Why the whole thing? That’s selling and selling. We sell out our aesthetic view. We sell out our souls, our lives, and people end up on the street.