Heidiari: It is forbidden to approach the neighborhood of the 16-year-old who is accused of her abduction

The restrictive terms of the mandatory appearance once a month in AT and the ban on approach to the neighborhood of the 16-year-old complainant were imposed on the 22-year-old accused of the girl’s attempt at Sunday morning (03.03. 24) in , after his apology to the 22nd regular interviewer of Athens. The shocking incident of the grab was recorded in the Heidari area at dawn last Sunday. According to the 16-year-old’s complaint, she went to her friend’s house and the young man approached her, pulled her hair, shut her up and threatened to kill her if she didn’t get in his car. For his part, the defendant claimed in his apology that he had been lost in the streets of Heidari and asked the 16-year-old for help. As he reportedly described, she misunderstood it, resulting in a vulgar curse and he slapped her, which she regrets. The interrogator testified as a witness of defense and the father of the 22-year-old.