“Haunted” photos of the Titanic a few minutes after finding the [photos]

    From the night it sank, and for 73 years, the Titanic lay at the bottom of the ocean…
    Many researchers and explorers have tried to find him, but only one would work: his name is Dr. Robert Ballard, and is responsible for the finding of the ship.
    As tragic and if it’s the history, the myth of how they were able Ballard and his team find the ship is fascinating – and from the moment it has found the ship, there have arisen conflicting estimates about what’s going to happen next.
    Dr. Robert Ballard led the team that found the Titanic.
    Suggested the live broadcast to start from 20,000 feet below the surface in order to see the wreck. For this to happen, use an unmanned sled with built-in camera.

    The company was funded by the navy.
    The navy was not thrilled with the design on the Titanic, but had plans for the sled with the built-in camera.

    They wanted to use it to find two missing nuclear submarines.
    The navy decided to make a deal with Ballard: If he could find the submarines and mapping the route, I’ll let him use as much time as was left to look for the Titanic.

    The Ballard had just 12 days to find the famous ship.
    Worked with a French research institute. The French ship used a technique similar to that of the machine for mowing the lawn, with the hope that the sonar would work something.

    However, the Ballard learned a new technique when he found underwater.
    He observed that the current pieces from the capsized wreckage, they left some sort of trail of bread crumbs.

    After several days of nonstop monitoring by the method of Ballard, they found one of the boiler room of the Titanic.
    “We were embarrassed when we realized all of a sudden, we’re rejoicing over someone’s grave,” said Ballard.

    Then continued to follow the trail and found the bow of the Titanic.
    A few days before the storm, the group rushed to take as many pictures as he could.

    The Ballard has since returned to the site of the wreck.
    Has captured hundreds of photos of the ship.

    Many experts say that the Titanic should be retracted. The Ballard, however, disagrees.

    In many respects, he says, this works as a cemetery. And as such, should remain undisturbed.

    It’s hard to imagine that this was the image of the ship before its maiden voyage.

    And that sank that fateful night in the Atlantic. From then is here. We tend to agree with Ballard that we should remain where it is.

    This of course does not mean that experts need to stop to explore. There is still a lot to learn from the last resting place of the Titanic.

    It’s amazing how well-preserved some parts of the ship. The sea has kept a large part of the structure intact.

    Some bits are creepy. Besides, this is a place where hundreds of people lost their lives.

    Even though it is located on the bottom of the sea, can still imagine the real grandeur.

    Especially when you see this iconic arc.

    I don’t know how it will be the Titanic in 100 years from now. But hopefully, that will remain undisturbed.

    The finding of the wreck was definitely exciting, but as said Ballard, requires a certain level of admiration for the dead and their final resting place. We agree.