Halkidiki: Optimists for this year’s tourist season

Or waiting for the first tourists, with the bar for this season getting higher than ever… The optimism of the entrepreneurs of the prefecture of Halkidiki for the upcoming tourist season, as well as their satisfaction for the assistance of the local government, which they believe can be improved even more, reflects the 12th Economic Barometer of the Chamber of Halkidiki, held in February-March 2024 and records the progress of the economy. In particular, based on the results of the research, the economic situation index of the companies of Halkidiki “scarred” the period February-March to 4.9%, from 3.4% in the immediately preceding two months. As noted in a communication, a clear reduction in the situation of their undertakings is recorded in the investigation. In particular, 13% of those who consider the situation of their businesses to be good and 32% satisfactory, compared with 19%. Retreat to 45%, of 50%, presented in the February-March 2nd 2023 the percentage of those who consider the situation of their business moderate and 10% deems it bad, from 12% who were in the immediately preceding two-month period, “showing in general the trend of improvement”, as stressed in the announcement. As far as their business turnover is concerned, 12% of the entrepreneurs involved in the investigation are talking about an increase, 53% that he remained the same and 35% that he declined, while on the “front” of recruitment ahead of the summer season, 89% is talking about retaining his staff, 10% says he will increase it and 1% is talking about redundancies. An important record is the increase in the percentage of entrepreneurs who expect better results in the next six months, reaching 54% compared to 45% of the previous wave. 41% does not estimate that there will be any differentiation in the next six months, while for worseization it mentions 5%, of 15% in the previous measurement. Asked whether they have been in contact with local government, 60% of the county’s entrepreneurs responded positively, with 38% stating that they have been in contact with the Municipality and 19% with the District (57% overall). The remaining 43% of participating entrepreneurs in the research states that he did not contact any of the local government. 40% of entrepreneurs who came into contact with a local government body declare satisfaction, with 42% clarifying that his issue was solved, 46% answering “a little/no” and that his issue was not solved, while 12% states “I don’t know/no reply”. Specifically for the Municipality, 35% of entrepreneurs state that it helps entrepreneurship, where it can and where necessary in their area, 39% that it is not interested in the problems of entrepreneurs, while 26% state that it is either unaware of, or not responding. Shared (50-50) is the percentage of those that state that the Municipality is working with businesses to create a healthy business environment, with those who state otherwise, 39% states that the Municipality is working with companies to create a healthy business environment, 41% that it does not/maybe not, while 20% state “I do not know/I do not reply”. The investigation was conducted on behalf of the Chamber of Halkidiki by the company Interview, in a sample of 355 companies of various sizes, members of the producer body.