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HALF Disclaimer Venizelos about Israel and S-300

“The White House and Its Next Occupant” Advertising Card, ca. 1904 Politics
Image by Cornell University Library

(Title)  “There was not a design” using the Greek anti-missile systems S-300 to ellinoisrailini exercise, said yesterday
E. Venizelos response to a question from five members of the Communist Party.
The Minister of National Defense declined but deny that request was received by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to use the system S-300 in pursuit of Israel to the Israeli pilots familiar with ways of countering it. On their part, military circles say that if the system S-300 is in operation during an exercise in substance involved, whether intended or not the design. That radar system see, recognize and trapping the aircraft based on the characteristics given to them, what is friendship and what enemy. From the time of conditioning found in aircraft, the pilots know this and should make the procedures to go outside the parameters of shot.
C. Chuck.

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