HA: leading the stakes in the “good script”

H course of the Greek stock will continue to depend greatly on the developments…
result in focal, as all show, Eurogroup next week.
So in the yesterday and in the meeting of 4 May, the buyers are betting on positive developments. The element which, however, appears to be waiting for the market is different from the other times. The current situation is the culmination of the agreement on all fronts on 9/5 wagered, but the political commitment and decision (political agreement) that would give the necessary impetus to conclude the negotiations as 24 May.
On the other hand, in the short term, the risk in the market has increased excessively and if the Eurogroup fails to show the road map of the agreement, the reaction is immediate and violent, with the main recipient banks.
On the positive side of the latest meetings is the return of the Index over the 592 and 600 units subsequent with characteristic ease and support the banking shares. The General Index from the recent high is just 1.5%, while the upward movement to the 600 units has been reached with the title of Coca-Cola HBC shares to fall more than 4%.
The chart of the General Index

For the main index of the stock market remains a question of the convincing upward split and stay on top of the 600 units, which will only come with a prepayment of the agreement. The next level of importance will be the 630 – 640 units and then the 666 units. This level will be the critical limit for the upward continuation, although other analysts put the threshold much higher to 730 units.
At the same time, a possible setback should find support at 570-575 units, which coincides with the simple moving average of 55 days, and the recent low of the index. Little support is no longer and the 592 units.
Respectively, for the index of high capitalization, the essential support is in the 153-155 units, which has been maintained and this is also an important element for continuity. On the other hand, the critical resistance is the recent high at 168-172 units, and enough higher in the 185 units.
The chart of the Index Capitalisation

Finally, the short-term support for the banking index is the area at 45-47 units, which, although it was disrupted ενδοσυνεδριακά on 28/4, eventually kept the support of the simple moving average of 20 days. The strong support is at 37-38 units. The resistance in the 53 and 54 units remains, has not been broken in all of the anodic wave, and will need the agreement for the split.
The chart of the Banking Index

In the short term, the short rates of interest for the four bank stocks are:
MIP: Highest the 0,30 euro and the price of the recent share capital increase and then the 0,343 eur is high on 31/12/15. Lower, 0,267 and 0,25 euro.
Alpha Bank: For the title of Alpha Bank ALPHA +7,11%, the value of the SCI is not a technical level, however, the 1,95 euro is important and then the 1,80 euro. In the upward scenario, the rates of interest are the 2,20 euro 2,35 euro, and then the 2,65 euro.
Eurobank: Higher 0,84 euro, 0,90 euro, and the eur 0,95. Lower the 0,78 euro and below the 0,70/0,71 euro.
Piraeus bank: in Addition to the eur 0,28, which is the level of importance the value of PRM, below is 0,25 euro 0,23 euro.