Guilty DJ for beating the model – sentenced to 3 years in prison with parole

The DJ was found guilty of his former companion, in February 2023. DJ sentenced the model to 3 years in prison with parole. It is recalled that the 41-year-old, who plays as a DJ in major clubs in Athens and Mykonos, was arrested at dawn on 5 February 2023 for beating, as he attacked within a Glyfada nightclub his former friend who participates in the catwalks of international fashion houses with which he maintained a relationship in the past and after “he beat the crap out of her”, rushed to her current partner, organizer party and bit his ear with the result that they ended up in the Department! The attack by the raging DJ who accepted the London-based model and an international career, took place on the occasion of the outburst of the 41-year-old with whom the girl had a seven-year relationship, but divorced as she stated, because of his violent and abusive behavior towards her. Today, accompanied by Mr. Alexander Papaioannidis’ lawyer, he passed the threshold of the courts and would be taken to the Autophorus Three-member Defect Court, where he found him guilty.