Gregory Leo for Rula Pispirigo: From the beginning, my data showed me her guilt.

The coroner, was called today (29.03.2024) to comment on the Mixed Orcot Court ruling that imposed the sentence of life imprisonment on the death of her firstborn daughter, Georgina. Gregory Leo, directly involved in the case of Roula Pispirigo, was the one who, from the first moment, had argued that ketamine was what led to the death of 9-year-old Georgina The court unanimously found the 35-year-old guilty of attempted homicide and homicide against her 9-year-old daughter. “The court judges on the basis of all the case and all the evidence and the opinion of all experts. My scientific opinion was kept stable after the evidence was not changed,” the coroner and president of the Medical Society, Gregory Leo, initially told LIVE NEWS. “From the beginning my data showed me her guilt. But let me make it clear that a coroner doesn’t make a decision but explains the scientific data. Who is the man who commits a crime is known by justice. There’s a second trial in progress. Scientific data will give us the picture to predict,” he noted.