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Athens Times

GREEK TO ORDER OF THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE ARMED FORCES … trainers for the repression of demonstrations!!

(Title) the dangerous direction of the Greek Armed Forces in the oppressive power roles, and the corresponding education of the staff to deal with the “enemy people” reveals the participation of Greek Kosovo Force a great exercise suppression of demonstrators (“troublemakers”!) held in Novo solo near the town of Mitrovica.
The fact was published in the most formal manner, the magazine issued by the General Staff of the Army “ARMY and Update” (Volume 16), under the heading “Certification Band Suppression. Noted in the article:
«On Wednesday, March 31, 2010, a certification exercise to objects of repression – CRC – (SS Crowd Riot Control – Crowd control troublemakers) 3rd Special Motor Band of Motorised Infantry Battalion 646 in
In September will be submitted to the vote the bill up recovery companies said Finance Minister K. Katseli an interview at a radio station.
Speaking to Flash, even said that by October will start operating the Fund Enterprise, in cooperation with the European Investment Bank (EIB).
Through this, small and medium-sized sustainable enterprises can get loans.
When asked if it wants to go to another ministry said it wants to Economy to stay to see the project produces.

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McKinley “Protection And Plenty” Portrait Drinking Glass, ca. 1896 Politics
Image by Cornell University Library

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