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Greece vs Argentina Live Online in World Cup 2010

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Greece boys
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Greece vs Argentina Live Online in World Cup 2010

Greece vs Argentina Live Online in World Cup 2010

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Home Page > Arts & Entertainment > Television > Greece vs Argentina Live Online in World Cup 2010

Greece vs Argentina Live Online in World Cup 2010

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Posted: Jun 22, 2010 |Comments: 0


To make justice of the Greece vs. Argentina game analysis; this is it for the Celtic boys pitting everything in their itenary against the almost untouchable Argentinean world favorites. The Greeks stole a surprising victory from the Nigerians with a 2-1 sensation in Bloemfontein while losing to the strong South Korean team for 2-0. At 3 points, the Greeks aren’t too unhappy with their game so far; but now the classic David vs. Goliath scenario is developing for this match set on the 22nd.

Watch Greece vs Argentina live online stream. While the Greeks know they are walking into the battle field with grim hopes of any victory; winning or drawing the match is also the only way the Celtics will qualify for Stage 2. That is, if not a difficult task by itself, only if the South Koreans lose or draw themselves against Nigeria. What the Greek team needs is a flying victory.

Argentina is having a World Cup they’re enthralled to be playing. The World is putting their money on Diego Maradona’s boys and they’ve got good reason. While Lionel Messi is the poster boy for FIFA World Cup 2010, fellow Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain is on the clouds with the first FIFA hat-trick in 8 years against South Koreans. All eyes on the stars, the Greece vs. Argentina game analysis seems to be a rehearsal.

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With no losses so far; the Argentinean team looks up for any competition at all only from the star favorites like Brazil a long possibility as of now. With an all star team, Diego Maradona is praying that South Africa 2010 does for Messi what Mexico 1986 did for him; a career branding stage. By the looks of the matches so far and speculations on the Argentinean preparation, the world soccer stalwart isn’t too far from his dreams realizing either.

Looking at the hopes and scopes for the Greeks, they need to work into a miracle if they are to survive. With Nigerian performance in a poor way till now, South Koreans are all set to win. That would leave the Celtics stuck with their 3 points as the Koreans take second place in Group B even if they draw with Nigeria. 22nd June seems to indicate a chance for the Celtic boys in white to show what they really can accomplish in Football. While the Greek vs. Argentina game analysis is talking all in favor of the South Americans; the Greeks are praying for one scope to perform well against a star line-up.

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