We all have to cook a dish in aluminum foil. However,…
this practice is not correct, the experts advise and point out that it poses a risk to human health.
If you like the fish in foil or any other similar dish, it is better to prefer the parchment paper because the to wrap the food in aluminum foil, and can prove to be extremely harmful.
This, at least, supports the scientist Ghada Bassioni of the University of Ain Shams of Cairo. In an article on the website The Conversation, the expert explained the study and the conclusions reached by her colleagues.
According to the scientist, the foil is cheap and easy to use and represents the ideal material for the preparation of some recipes. The use of aluminium foil, explains the scientist, it is not a problem, as extensive, and if it is in our daily life.
The problem starts when the foil heated or baked. Especially if -as he explains – the foods that surrounding it’s sour or spicy and roasted in strong fire. After baking remain in the feed, traces of aluminium, especially when the dish includes hard materials, such as lemon, tomato juice, white wine and salt.
The overexposure of humans to aluminium is dangerous for health, explains the scientist, and adds that an adult of 60 kg can maximum to consume 6 milligramme of aluminium per week, as stipulated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). The Bassioni notes that many exceed the limit, because the material there is in the corn, spices, tea, and certain foods. The limit is aggravated by the kitchen utensils. But the biggest “dose” is incorporated in the human organism with the food being cooked in foil.

Experts point out that the over-consumption of aluminium is connected with Alzheimer’s problems in the bones and in the kidneys. What should one do to reduce consumption?
The Ghada Bassioni advises, for example, don’t buy random pots. Just buy the right pot to boil many times the water inside, until the base of the to be matt. This means that the necessary oxidation that protects the base of the pot and prevents the aluminum from entering food.
The scientist also advises to prefer the pans of glass or ceramic and parchment paper instead of foil in the baking. The foil, he says, might serve to wrap a sandwich, with the condition that not I’ll leave it there for many hours.