Giannis Yokarinis: Innocent singer – Left hand with his wife

The well-known singer, from the Autophorus Three-member Defect Court of Athens, was acquitted after the withdrawal of his wife’s complaints about . “Our psychologues are tense and there has been an outbreak,” said singer Giannis Yokarini’s wife while disproving what was mentioned in the complaint when his arrest for domestic violence occurred. “Neither by the neck caught me, nor anything,” said the singer’s wife, explaining: “It was formerly dependent on memory recalling a specific situation and revived it. It was like he was drunk without drinking. I just got scared, scared, I can’t scream. I called the police to recommend him. I was afraid of the worst. He didn’t threaten to kill me. I didn’t mention he threatened to kill me, I said we were fighting with swearing. He went to bed, I heard John scream, I got up to give him a pill, he saw me, and I was like a red cloth. He was coming at me and we were swearing. We’ve been through a stage of alcoholism with verbal violence and I can’t stand the voices anymore. I’m tired.” The witness said that when the singer was an addict there had been some incidents. For his part and the well-known singer said there was an altercation and did not touch his companion. ‘ Irritating. Something I didn’t like too. Irritating that caused irritation,” the singer said. Chairman: Were you going to hit her? Yocarin: Not President: You want to say something else about her defense? Yocarin: Well, you say. In the end, the couple left hand-in-hand with smiles from the courts of the former School of Hope.