Giannis Morjos: George Kimoulis thinks that what he knows, others don’t know

‘ Then there is fire and fury and considers the actor useless and inappropriate,” stresses George Kimoulis. Both in George Kimoulis’ artistic return and the interruption of collaboration with George Labatos and the adventure he recently faced with his health, Giannis Morjos spoke to the Super Katerina camera on Wednesday morning (06.03.2024) on Alpha. “George Kimoulis is another case than Peter Filipidis. I love Kimuli, but he has a flaw. He thinks what he knows, people don’t know. That is, if an actor on the stage gets out of his way, it’s a fire and a rage! He considers him useless and inappropriate” confessed, initially, the well-known actor and director. “I ignore everything that George Labatos said. I don’t think he knows what he’s saying. He should close his mouth and look to be modest and where he goes to get a job in the theater, which I wish him, to be a good partner.” “I was on the verge of death. I did a test and they found out I had a heart problem. The doctor told me, “you have to do a triple bypass”. I fell into a coma for 35 days. But I think that one reason I was kept alive was my wife, Yuli who sat for 35 days above my pillow and was not going anywhere” Giannis Morjos also stressed.