Gerapetritis-Fintan in NATO, Erdogan calls Mitsotakis, coverage to Chrysohoidis, the developments for the new concession contracts of GEK TERNA and the scenario of autonomous entry into the AA, strategic investments not both lawsuits are made in Velopoulos

Gerapetrite – Fidan in NATO Looking at the 15th of May, which is a possible date for Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ trip to Ankara, following the invitation sent to him by Tayyip Erdogan, Geraptritis and Fintan, it is very likely that they will have a T-A-Tet in Brussels today or tomorrow, on the sidelines of the NATO Council of Foreign Ministers. They will discuss the agenda of the two leaders’ talks and whether they will touch sensitive issues such as the demarcation of the continental shelf, the only difference Greece recognizes. Erdogan calls Mitsotakis After the defeat in the municipal elections Tayyip Erdogan is putting his weight on diplomacy. It is typical that pro-government Turkish media make a special reference to the visits to Turkey by Russian President Putin 23-24 April, German President Steinmeyer and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in mid-May. Earlier, on May 9, Erdogan will be accepted by Biden to the White House where he will again put the request for Turkey to enter the F35 program. The calm waters in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean are a permanent demand from Washington and Erdogan will take this seriously in the bazaar. Red Line The Greek Foreign Minister is no accident that yesterday he visited Nicosia where he had a working meeting with the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Christodoulides, in the presence of Foreign Minister Kostantinos Kobu and the Deputy Minister of European Affairs Mrs Marilenas Rauna. Bilateral and international issues were discussed and the Cyprus issue that is a red line for the Greek government. What protocols? Rage has caused the 28-year-old to be murdered by her former companion outside the Police Department of Agii Anargyri where she went to seek protection. Very superficially they look like the arguments for incomplete or non-maintainment protocols from the three female police officers who all show that they were not distinguished for showing empathy although they had a terrified woman toward them. Even the tragic father learned the murder of his daughter by journalists. Police called him 12 hours later as they revealed to Nico Evangelato, LIVENEWS, Mega. So what “protocols” are we talking about and what police training. Coverage in .Grysochoids Sources of Maximus state that “there is no problem with Chrysochoides”. But surely the Citizen Protection Minister has a lot of work to do. The comfort with which the members of the Rubicon invaded the forecourt of the House and the Presidential Palace, regardless of which police commander or which civil service is responsible, does not give the best picture of the preservation of even countries with an emblematic character. Revision and reorganization at many levels also need no complacency. Silent “present” Samara Karamanlis and Samaras will give the “present” to the anniversary conference for the 50 years of the NW that will take place in Zappeion 5-7 April, but they’re not going to make a speech. The chairman of the organizing committee Giannis Plakiotakis visited the former Prime Minister Antonis on Monday at 3pm. Samaras and yesterday at 12pm Kostas Karamanlis at their offices in the Parliament and handed them the official invitation for the conference. They were asked if they wanted to speak. They both refused. He didn’t speak at any previous conferences either. “Samara views known” But Antonis Samaras was talking. His colleagues explained that the former Prime Minister has been placed publicly on all matters and his views have not changed. It is recalled that he has launched a strong criticism in the Mitsotakis government for both Greek-Turkish – not discussing with the pirate is the Samara position on Erdogan – but also for the marriage and childbirth of same-sex couples who in his opinion threaten the nuclear family. But he’s institutional. If he would speak at the conference he would have to repeat the same positions and spoil the festive climate. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will speak at the opening, after the greeting of Giannis Plakiotakis, and will close the conference at noon on Sunday. Rebranding Alexis Former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, while preparing his rebranding, studying contributions from foreign companies, is organized. The first transfer was the excellent diplomat Vangelis Kalpadakis who had him as his advisor at Maximus and Koumundour and has him in his political office on Amalia Avenue. He has entrusted him with coordinating and building the international connections of the Institute he is preparing. He organizes the press office. Recently he got from Syriza the journalist and writer Andreas Busio. Yesterday Alexis Tsipras also gave the event for the 100 years of the newspaper “Navigatoriki” with dozens of personalities. He was in good spirits and exchanged handshakes with many. In Da Capo PASOK President Nikos Androuliakis stands out for his parliamentary consistency. He was thrown from the House at Kolonaki Square, in the well-known Da Capo to drink a coffee with his friend, constitutionalist Xenophon Kontiadis. Say hello to the coffee manager, Harry. He spoke to several who stood up to greet him. PASOK kept a distance from Syriza’s unprecedented move to seek in advance the commitment of the ND to vote on the preliminary’s request, with an indictment against Costas Karamanlis that included even the homicide by possible deceit, which caused many reactions. But he also keeps that high on his campaign agenda the national tragedy of the Tempes. Developments in the two new concession contracts for GEK TERNA The decision of the Council of State rejecting the appeal lodged by the consortium of French Vinci with Mytilineos against TAPED for the competition of the new concession agreement of Attiki Road closes one of the outstanding issues in order to proceed with the procedure with GEK TERNA that it auctioned. However, today’s concession agreement to the AKTOR consortium Concessions – AVAX, ends this October and there are several outstanding issues for the two companies to leave. The two procedures – the new concessionaire and the departure of the existing one – will proceed simultaneously. By yesterday’s decision the GEK TERNA group is now a breath of the most profitable road route concession contract in Greece. Yesterday it was officially announced by the Ministry of Infrastructure that the group also prevailed in the competition for the concession contract of the Northern Road Axis of Crete (BOAK) in the Chania section (Kissamos) – Heraklion. The scenarios for TERNA concessions For years there has been at the GEK TERNA administration table the search for a model through which the value of the large portfolio of concessions will best be reflected. To see this, however, we must wait for concession contracts to be concluded in Egnatia, Attic Street and BOAK. An idea for the design of the group had been given by the head of GEK TERNA George Peristeris in the last presentation to the Association of Institutional Investors. He had stressed that “the assets held by the group are marketable and commercial” and had added that “in this context the concession industry has the same characteristics, within the corporate transformation that is evolving where the activities concerned will be consolidated in an entity.” Asked about the possible autonomous admission of the concession branch to the stock exchange he had replied that “it is under consideration so that value can be better seen and used to give ammunition for further development.” The strategic investments that are not made! Since the list of so-called strategic investments, several have passed over the last few years that have never been implemented (or at least not so far). Investments that are not made include mainly various pharaonic projects in real estate and tourism that are part of strategic investments by consultants, before they mature technically, environmental and financial. So we have a rich list of strategic investments that don’t happen! Among these are some in the Renewable Energy (RES) sector that one would expect to have moved on due to the green transition. Investors are not, however, intimidated and one of the new projects to join the strategic investment scheme is “Faethon” which promotes a consortium of the Tsakou group with the German Altus Group to develop two battery photovoltaics in the municipality of Domokos, a total capacity of 500 MW. It is a budget project of almost half a billion euros covering approximately 6,750 acres. Who doesn’t want to be a partner with the second richest Greek? This year’s list of the richest people on the planet explains, in a way, what happened with the Aegean Baltic Bank (ABBank)’s attempt to sell! While at first they had agreed to sell both shipowner shareholders, Mr. Giannis Koustas and Nikos Tsakos, then N. Tsakos decided to retain his percentage when the second richest Greek of the planet, Telis Mystakidis, was interested. Mystakidis, who had originally learned how to buy the percentages of both, withdrew for a few months from the negotiation. Eventually the takeover closes with the Greek crusoe gaining the percentage of G. Kusta and part of the percentage of the Aphthonite family that also has the administration of ABBank. Finally there were two lawsuits in Velopoulos! Because we must bless our beards, the column revealed yesterday the first lawsuit to Kyriakos Velopoulos by an ERGOSE executive on the occasion of what the president of the Greek Solution says about the tragedy of the Tempes. Various conspiracy theories, at least as those who filed the lawsuits against him argue. Yesterday there was another interesting development. Two other defendants, both ERGOSE officials, passed through the court office and were released, as were the previous ones. But there has been a differentiation in the guarantees to be lodged: While so far each defendant has been called upon to make a bail of 500,000 euros and above, yesterday one of the defendants was released on a bail of 10,000 euros. A 600,000 euros guarantee was requested from the second. All defendants have appealed with the aim of reducing the guarantees. I guess the lucky man who has to pay a bail of 10,000 euros won’t get away.