Georgian was imprisoned for the attack on the school of Kipseli – “It took place at the altar of brotherly love,” his lawyer says

‘ By unanimous decision, she was imprisoned,” said Yulinda Recepi, a lawyer of Georgian who invaded her and wounded with a hammer and knife, a student and the school principal. Speaking on the show “You still saw nothing” the lawyer of the alleged perpetrator of the attack on the High School of Kipseli, said he “did these acts on the altar of brotherly love”… He explained that Georgian’s 14-year-old brother goes to second grade and attends some hours in a host class of that school. “In this course, he contacted the 17-year-old. In fact, their intense quarrel began there. Under no circumstances did he have any deceit or intent to do any unfair act against the 17-year-old (the Georgian). He was imprisoned but the case should be considered more globally,” his lawyer stressed. He then clarified that in the words of the 14-year-old student and brother of the accused “he felt intense bullying by the 17-year-old”. In closing, Georgian’s lawyer said that in addition to the two victims of the attack “there is also a third victim, the 14-year-old, who accepted bullying.