George Mukidis: “He died of a heart attack” – Capital joke and public apology

The famous music composer wrote on his personal Facebook profile that he died of a heart attack. In the bad joke that George Mukidis made about Proaprilia he also wrote that his funeral will take place this Wednesday in Anabyssos. “Unfortunately this afternoon the musician and my beloved father George Mukidis suffered a heart attack and left his last breath at 12:25. The exodus sequence will be sung Wednesday morning at 11 a.m. at the Holy Theodor temple in Anabyssus. The family begs instead of wreaths to deposit the corresponding amounts in the Child’s Smile. Giannis Moukidis”, wrote his son, Giannis. Under the post there were people who wished condolences, but most realized that it was a primary prank, which – fortunately – was confirmed the next day by George Mukidis. “ Good morning to all and a good month…!!! I’m sorry about yesterday. It was a little far-fetched. But it’s okay. It was like rehearsal…!!! Thank you very much for your love… And next year…!!!” wrote… alive George Mukidis.