Gaza War: US disagrees but supplies Israel with weapons

Intense concerns have been voiced by the planned land offensive preparing the Rafa, Gaza, but continue to supply weapons and ammunition to Israel. According to a Washington Post report, citing officials who did not name the Pentagon and State Department, the paper revealed that President Joe Biden’s government approved “quiet” recent deliveries of bombs and fighter aircraft to Washington’s closest ally in the Middle East. The ammunition of which deliveries were last approved includes MK84 type bombs, 900 kg. Something that confirms that the Democratic President’s government is not considering using ammunition deliveries as a means of lobbying Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The relationship between the two governments has been tense in recent days. The US president recently demanded Israel send a delegation to Washington to discuss the operational plan for Rafa and propose alternatives. But the Netanyahu government, furious at Washington’s abstention that allowed the adoption on Monday of a UN Security Council decision requiring a “direct ceasefire” in the Gaza Strip, cancelled the visit. Before finally informing Washington that “he would like to agree a new date” for these talks. Delegations of US and Israeli governments may meet in Washington to discuss the planned large-scale Israeli land attack on Rafa, Gaza, the day after Monday, reports on the website of the American television network CNN. The Israeli delegation was expected to go to Washington this week to discuss the operational plan for Rafa and consider alternatives. Despite friction, the Biden government continues to refuel the Israeli army, while its officials and representatives do not cease to repeat that it pledged to support Israel without asterisks in the war it has waged since October 7 against the Palestinian Islamist Hamas movement. Last week, the State Department approved the delivery of nearly 25 invisible to enemy F-35A fighter radar. As the sale had been approved by Congress in 2008, it was not obliged to re-informed parliament. The MK84 and MK82 type bomb deliveries (nearly 300 kg), approved this week, had also received green light from Congress years ago. In addition to the increasingly heavy account of the victims of hostilities and the disaster scene in the Palestinian enclave under siege in nearly six months, the majority of the population of 2.4 million people are now threatened by famine, according to the UN, which is threatening that humanitarian aid entering the Gaza Strip is but a drop in the ocean of population needs. The war, which is on its 176th day, broke out on October 7, when Hamas’ military arm marched the Gaza Strip into an unprecedented attack in southern areas of Israeli territory, which cost life to over 1,160 people, in their majority civilians, according to an estimate based on official Israeli data. According to Israeli sources, more than 250 people were kidnapped that day, of which over 130 are believed to still be held in the enclave – but 34 are believed to be dead. In retaliation, Israel’s political-military leadership vowed to wipe out Hamas, a movement that characterizes, like the US and the EU, a “terrorist” organization. In Israeli military operations at least 32,623 people were killed, in the vast majority of women and children, in the figures published yesterday by the Hamas Health Ministry.