Gaza humanitarian aid ship departing Cyprus

A ship with humanitarian assistance to leave Larnaca next 24 hours. The departure of the ship from Cyprus to Gaza made known on Saturday night (09/03/2024) the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulidis, coming to the Philological Monument of hero Evagoras Pallikaridis in the hall of events of the First National Arch of Makarios III in Paphos. Asked whether there is anything newer than the humanitarian corridor and the project “Amalthia” President Christodoulides expressed his satisfaction first and foremost that an initiative launched in October, with perseverance of this international recognition. He noted that “we had a very specific plan that I presented at the Paris conference.” “Let me tell you that in the next 24 hours the ship will leave Larnaca, I cannot say at this time for security reasons, you understand,” President Christodoulides said, noting that “we are in constant contact with the states that supported this initiative – you saw the relevant communication – at the same time I am glad that we are being received after yesterday’s press conference with the President of the European Commission, calls from Heads of State or Government or Foreign Ministers to demonstrate their desire to participate in this initiative, an initiative that is being made for humanitarian purposes.” 3 weeks ago, the ship, in collaboration with , docked in Cyprus for a joint mission. What initially appeared as an insurmountable challenge is now on the verge of realization. The enteavor to establish a humanitarian maritime corridor in is making progress,… — Open Arms ENG (@openarms_found) Christodoulides also said that the Republic of Cyprus, as a Member State of the European Union, maintains excellent relations in the region with all neighbouring states and tries in its capacity to contribute to addressing such challenges. “I think it is a development – modestly and humbly always – what we say our country can, yes, be a core of security and stability in the wider region of the eastern Mediterranean, an area of particular geostrategic importance, but I want to repeat it, always modestly and humbly,” said the President of the Republic.