G. Papandreou: We will not sign new Memorandum … NOT PAIRNEIS and vows … AS OUR WAY TO GO … and ass will set up a team …

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    {Title}  Greece did not discuss debt rescheduling and will not need to sign a new Memorandum of Understanding with the Troika after 2013, George Papandreou said in an interview with the newspaper Real News. The Prime Minister asked again “vote of responsibility” for citizens in the elections of November 7.

    “People know me well know that I usually do not bluff,” he said in an early recourse to polls if it determines that the country is heading towards an impasse. At the same time, called “funny things” scenarios that it plans to “escape” from problems and the premiership.

    “I gave and I give my whole self to avoid bankruptcy the country […] I am ready to xanakrinoun with people if necessary, “he said.

    For information on flying the Troika to put a veto on the elections, said that” we decide on our democratic processes and not others “.

    ” It needs a new Memorandum “

    The Prime Minister described the difficult but realistic program of fiscal adjustment. He argued that if continued implementation of “no retractions and reversals” in 2013, Greece is a country like them all and can borrow from the markets. “There is no possibility of a new memorandum, simply because no new memorandum,” he said.

    “Not discussing such a possibility,” was his answer for the debt restructuring scenarios. These scenarios are handling those invested in the failure of Greece, he added.

    Regarding the sacrifices of the people, George Papandreou said that every step of stabilizing the country will offer more scope for improving the position of those ” put back “to get the country out of the impasse. He added, however, that the government will not back “unfair advantages and outrageous settings”.

    “The protest on the protest will not liberate the country”

    Asked about regional and municipal elections, the prime minister argued that the “protest the protest” will neither release the country from surveys, or cessation loans dynameis.Prosthese that those called upon to apply the “Kallikrates” must believe in the institution , can bear the weight and have proven to work with passion.

    “The Ant. Samaras discrediting our efforts – The Left blind”

    He hard criticism of the New Republic and Antonis Samaras personally, saying that doing anything to tarnish the “patriotic” efforts of the Greeks, while the sacrifices spent. It offers, he said in a joint effort, which would be expected participant.

    Papandreou added that the current president of Democracy not only covers, but absolutely no longer identical with Costas Karamanlis, and considered that it convinces the reasons and the actions of their citizens.

    appeared determined to proceed to establish a Committee for Economy, saying that The Government should investigate what happened.

    Regarding accountability in cases already under investigation, stressed that “now is the number of magistrates and to respond to these efforts.” He added: “This effort will deliver”.

    For the Communist Party and Left-SYRIZA, said blind eye to problems and produce sterile denial of reality and any cooperation. “A state clientele and often authoritarian has fetish for the traditional Left and has traps in petty trade unions,” he said.

    “Some people clamoring for development, but demonizing any attempt to bring investment,” he added.

    For Karatzaferis, finally, the Prime Minister said that the surprising positive attitude toward the possibility of bankruptcy of the country, although the separate “critical political and ideological differences”.

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